Joint exhibition “Imaginative Landscape” at F! Festival in Brno 2016

Author’s exhibition “Fragments” in the chapel of st. John of Nepomuk in Nymburk 2017

Joint exhibition with Jindřich Štreit “Industria” – Jindřichův Hradec, Uničov, Brno, Prague – traveling exhibition 2018

Joint exhibition with Jindřich Štreit “Menschen aus der Maschine” – Galerie auf der Pawlatsche, Vienna – June to August 2019

Joint exhibition “Factory” – Theater of Oskar Nedbal Tábor – February to April 2020

Joint exhibition “The Silent Power of Document” – Rajhrad Monastery – June to July 2020

Author’s exhibition “The Silent Beauty of Sea” in the Club House – Gallery in Kutná Hora – January 2022

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